Serving  Our Community.

Leadership By Example.


My name is Nicole Barde and I am running as a Non Partisan (NP) candidate for the office of Storey County Commissioner in the November 2018 General Election. As county Commissioner I will strive to ensure that Storey County remains the best place to live for its residents, a great place to do business for its businesses and that we continue to honor our rich history.

The job of a County Commissioner is :

  • Governance over the county’s business
  • Budgeting - approve all county department budgets and monitor their performance
  • Setting the tax rate countywide, as well as water and sewer rates in Virginia City and Gold Hill
  • Establishing and monitoring the policies and ordinances that run our county government

I believe that I have the experience, education and values to perform those duties and be an asset to the County, to each of our communities and to you as a resident. If you elect me County Commissioner I know that I work for you, would be accountable to you and would be entrusted by you to use my best judgment on your behalf which I commit to do.

I have been attending county Commission meetings for many years and reporting on them in my blog at If you read it you will see that I am a fiscal conservative, believe in community and residents first in any “deals” made by the County or the State, believe in small accountable government, want to eliminate conflicts of interests from our Commission, am pro-business and entrepreneurship, and believe strongly in supporting the important role our community plays in helping those in need.

I have consistently spoken up for those things which I believe represent our common interests. I have been asking for openness, transparency and accountability.  I have been challenging and offering alternative solutions to our county’s leadership on issues relating to how they spend our money, the questionable benefits of some of the agreements that they enter into, how they treat people in and outside of the county who question their actions, how they do business, how positions are created or filled, and the lack of adherence to NRS or County policy in cases brought to their attention. I have always been strong voice for our rights as citizens.

I would like to continue to represent your citizen rights and interests but now as your Storey County Commissioner and I’m asking for your vote.

Thank You,


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

Edmund Burke