Commissioner Job Description


From the County Website:


Each commissioner is required to reside in 1 of 3 districts, equally divided among the county’s population based on the census. However, each commissioner is elected by all residents of the county to serve a 4 year term, during which they discuss and determine all issues on a countywide basis.


In order to qualify for election to a seat representing a district on the Board of Commissioners, an individual must be a current resident in that district and have resided there for a minimum of 30 days prior to the close of filing.



           Duties & Responsibilities*


As the county’s governing board, the commission has vast responsibilities, spanning from budgeting to policy enactment and enforcement. Below are some of the many services the Storey County Commissioners provide the residents and businesses of the county:


    • Budgeting - approve all county department budgets and monitor their performance

    • Set tax rate countywide, as well as water and sewer rates in Virginia City and Gold Hill

    • Establish and monitor the policies and ordinances that run our county government


*NRS 244.146

Expanding on those responsibilities.


    • Manages and is accountable for the performance of their sole employee—The County Manager


    • Represents the people of Storey County in all decisions made at the Commission level


    • Determines and promotes Storey County’s Economic Development Plan


    • Defines ,directs and participates in the lobbying and negotiating activities with our Sister Counties, Nevada State Legislature and the Federal Nevada and other state representatives in Washington DC. code issue, USA parkway funding by Federal funds, Lands Bill, Opportunity zone designation, Sunny Hills, Corde Vista, Boundary Line adjustment, imposition of “impact fee” by our sister counties


    • Participation in and negotiation with Governors office of Economic Development (GOED) ,  Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) and Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA)


    • Working with the major business and political interests in Storey County to define, negotiate and enforce mutually beneficial public / private partnerships

        ◦ ie..TRI Developer agreement, new agreements as with Blockchains as the new developer at TRIC and Painted Rock, new “Smart City” development.


    • Representing Storey County’s interests on numerous Boards and Commissions. Some examples:


        ◦ National Association of Counties (NACO )

        ◦ Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V& T Railway

        ◦ Virginia City Tourism Commission

        ◦ Nevada Works

        ◦ Truckee River Flood Management Authority

        ◦ Comstock Historic District





Experience required: YOU DECIDE


Skills required:  YOU DECIDE.