I will work to foster a climate that continues to attract businesses and activities that contribute to the creation of jobs in Storey County and provides revenues in order to enhance our way of life by:

  • Ensuring that Storey County has contract terms primarily beneficial to Storey County in working with GOED in support of TRIC’s efforts to attract and retain viable businesses
  • Work co-operatively with our neighboring counties to work out economic issues which affect us all
  • Assisting Virginia City's merchants in efforts to increase revenues year over year. Develop a plan that includes a revitalization of V.C.  by adding new activities and attractions
  • Support the formation of a Comstock Arts Council in order to leverage and strengthen the unique cultural and artistic community as a regional attraction
  • Helping entrepreneurship and start-up businesses in the county by brokering easily accessible reasonably priced or free business training and consulting resources for both merchants and in home businesses